Vector Of Underground


The Vector of Undeground – Russia\Moscow (Ex-USSR) (Experimental\Metalcore\Nu Metal)

The band was formed in 2009. In a while Vlad Lobanov(Vocal\lyrics) met Mikhail «MasterMike» Dmitriev (Rhythm & Solo guitar) and they recorded an EP «Informational Terror». After the EP wanted members for the band were found(Alik Keh-bass, Ivan Nikolayenko-rhythm guitar).

In 2010 band released the 1st album «F@#k with freedom» and revealed a video clip with the same name.

Since the foundation the band was extremely unusual and creative in terms of music. Lyrics of their songs were antisocial and weird.

That’s what Vlad Lobanov (Vocal\lyrics) told about this:

«As a rule when some new bands appear all of them try to play the way which allows to become famous and rich. That’s why most of them lose their face. I consider my band as an opportunity for self￾development. We have never wanted to copy some bands despite we love them. No one understood us then we released our first album! We are «Vector of Underground!»

To support the 1st album band gigged in the rock clubs of Russia. At the same time the band had many rehearsals and created new songs for the next album.

2 years later in 2013 the band recorded the 2nd album «Prison of consciousness» and presented a video clip with the same name. That work was more successful and attracted a lot of fans.

Vector of Underground played on one stage with such bands as I Wrestled a Bear Once, Monuments, Texas in July, Hacktivist, Katalepsy etc.

At this moment band is extremely proud to present a single and a video clip «Mishka!». And we hope you’ll enjoy it!


Single 2016


Album 2015

prison of consciousness

Single 2014

Fuck with freedom

Album 2011


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Vlad Lobanov

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